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2-Door Top Load Hard Sided Pet Crate for Small Dogs | SelectBeautyShop

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Unique top-loading door to easily place and remove pets from carrier Easy-squeeze door latches and ergonomic handle ensure comfort for pet parents Grated steel doors and vented sides promote visibility and ventilation for pets Suitable for small dog breeds between 10-20 lbs Measures: 24ö long and 15ö high Your furry family member will love their comfy home as they go with you on your travels. These plastic kennels are fully compliant with air and highway travel requirements so you and your little buddy can relax. Two-door top load kennel keeps pets comfortable and secure, giving pet parents peace of mind. two-door top load kennel features a unique top-loading door that allows pet parents to easily place and remove pets from carrier with both hands. Sturdy enough for travel, both front and top-load doors are constructed with steel, and feature easy-squeeze latches for convenient access. For use as a pet travel carrier or dog kennel, pets will enjoy visibility on all sides of kennel and flow of fresh air. As a kennel for small dogs and puppies, sturdy plastic walls and steel doors keep pets protected, and spacious kennel bottom can accommodate a kennel pad for added cushion. kennel measures 24 inches long for a range of small pets.