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GMWD Leg Extension Machine and Curl, Lower Body Special Leg Machine, Adjustable Leg Exercise Bench

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  • Lower Body Special - Break old squat and deadlift plateaus with leg extension, leg curl and glute bridge that target your lower body. Unleash the beast with GMWD TT-2S leg exercise machine.
  • Latest Upgrade - The weighing part is replaced with linear bearings that will stay with you in your gym for a long time. Replaced the installation of the limiters, a simple plug and play can be completed between the extension and curl mode conversion.
  • Commercial level - This leg extension machine is made of 50x50 mm,14 gauge tube. Gross weight : 100 lb.
  • Adjustable leg machine - Designed with 6 positions vertically-adjustable thigh pads, a 24-position adjustable leg extension and the backrest pad has 7 positions to adjust, this machine fits various person in home gym.
  • Plate loaded - A 11.8" long weight holder can be hung with enough plates to achieve the training effect you want. Only 2" plates are available.
  • Weight storage - The weight storage pin was added not only to make it easier to pick up paltes, but also to increase the stability of the whole leg machine.
  • Benefit - User could focus on target muscles more selectively,strengthening the patellar ligament and quadriceps attachment for the knee.
  • Comfortable - We specialize increasing the edge of the cushion to add a thicker curvature more suitable for leg curl and extension, providing better support to challenge higher goals.
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