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Side-by-Side Push Around SUV Car for Kids, Easy Steer Double Rider Push Car, Toddlers Ages 1.5 - 5 Years Old, Ideal Stroller Substitute, Blue

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  • TWO SEATER: Seats 2 Toddlers 1.5-5 years old, buckle up with safety belts,, max weight per child 50lbs
  • EASY TO PUSH: Wide handle with grip with easy-steer wheels, adjustable canopy for shade
  • DETAILED: Headlights and front grill, two interactive steering wheels, turn a simple stroll into an adventure
  • STORAGE: Mesh back pockets hold cell phones or water bottles, lift-up seats provide bonus space for snacks or toys
  • EASY TRANSPORT: Effortless canopy breakdown, fits in standard car trunks, assembled dimensions 39"H x 25"W x 35"D


Why You'll Love the Side-By-Side Push Around SUV

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Two Steering Wheels

No need to share! Relax without arguments as each rider takes the reins and pretends to drive the SUV independently with their own steering wheel and horn.

Built-In Storage

Lift the bench seat to reveal a hidden storage compartment ideal for storing road trip essentials like toys and snacks. Parents can put their belongings in the mesh pockets at the base and top of the canopy for easy access while on the go.

Safety Belts Included

Add a touch of realism to their ride while ensuring they are safe and secure while on the move with the two safety belts included.

Removable Canopy

The canopy and handle disassemble in a few simple steps allowing the SUV to fit into most standard-sized trunks, making it perfectly portable.


Play Together!

  • Family Road Trip: Pretend your little ones are in charge of the family road trip destination and getting everyone there! Help them pack for the trip, then ask your children for all of the sights and sounds during the ride and their destination upon arrival.
  • As you cruise with your toddlers, ask them to share the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. Encourage them to pretend to drive and steer, directing you where to navigate next!
  • Create an obstacle course in the driveway with cones or small toys. Watch your children work together to problem solve as they tell you how to navigate the course.
  • Switch up the play space for your toddlers as they explore! Consider a carpeted indoor space, and switch it up with sidewalk or grass. Talk to them about the differences in how the SUV moves. Are they able to go fast or slow? Is the terrain flat or hilly?