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Cardo PACKTALK Edge Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Headset Intercom

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  • Waterproof: No matter what you throw at it, your waterproof PACKTALK EDGE will take the beating and keep you connected. Rain, shine, mud, dust, or snow. Specific uses for product : Travel
  • Over-the-air Update: Keeping your unit up-to-date has never been so easy. Use your Cardo Connect App to download and install the latest software directly to your PACKTALK EDGE. No cables needed.
  • FM Radio: Built-in FM Radio with RDS for automatic selection of the strongest signal - whether you are in town, or in the middle of nowhere.
  • Universal Connectivity: Connects with any other Bluetooth headset of any brand.
  • Automatic Volume: Automatically adjusts your sound volume based on the outside ambient noise.
  • Music Streaming: All the music you ever wanted streamed directly from your smartphone. Control, share, and experience your favorite tune on the road.
  • Fast Charging: Running out of Battery? Get 2 hours talk time battery after 20 minutes of charging.
  • USB Type C: Robust and universal USB type C for easy connections to any device.
  • Control Roller: Extra convenience and control, all in one small roller. 3 Year
  • Warranty: Extended 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.

intercom headset motorcycle helmet bluetooth sena

intercom motorcycle helmet headset bluetooth sena

intercom motorcycle headset bluetooth helmet sena

intercom motorcycle headset bluetooth helmet sena

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