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Electric heating tray 22.8x15 buffet server food heating tray electric heating tray

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  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL AND PRESET MODE - Range from 86-248°F. We know people want to eat at different temperature. So we let you decide want temperature you want. However, we also have preset mode if you are not sure what temperature you need.
  • SUPPLIES THE RIGHT HEAT - This 30W electric warming tray uses far-infrared heating technology with heating elements evenly distributed on the bottom of the glass panel to deliver an even, constant temperature hot surface in minutes.
  • Compact but Spacious - 58x38cm in size and 2.2cm thick. This revolutionary food service warmer has a more compact and slim design that fits safely on any table or counter. The detachable power cord makes it easy to store and portable.
  • ELEGANT GLASS SURFACE - Smooth and heat-resistant tempered glass is ideal for food trays, creating an elegant, clean look that looks great on any table, kitchen countertop or buffet. This practical and elegant warming tray will be highly visible at your home party.
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Start Fresh life
Are you still eating cold food and thinking of it as a small matter Actually, cold food brings not only bad taste, but also a great threat to health. The electric warming tray will be a good helper to provide hot dishes no matter when you'll serve yourself, your families or guests.

Works with All Heat Resistant Tableware
Our food warming trays can be used with any heat resistant tableware such as ceramic, glass, stone, stainless steel, casseroles and iron pans.

Safety First
Heated surface features a anti-scald edge around the perimeter, allowing you to safely move the warming tray while it's working. Multiple safety designs built in to avoid overheating


Smooth and stylish tempered glass top with high strength.
Ultra-slim design makes it look very stylish and doesn't take up much space.
No winding
Beside Keep warm
Don't pick pots and utensils

Electric Food Warmer Plate:

Product Size: 580*380MM
Power cord: 2M/Releasable
Rotation: Touch/timing/10 gear temperature adjustment
Temperature range: 30-120°C
Body material: Insulation edge/black crystal tempered glass
Tableware: 6 plates
Applicable products: Can heat various high-temperature tableware, do not place flammable items
Function: Drying, Warm Wine, Warm Milk, Hot Dishes, Warm Tea, Clothing, Thawing, Warm Stew

1x Multifunctional Hotplates