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Electric Heated Blanket, Luxurious Soft Faux Fur Heated Blanket, Machine Washable

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Brand bacion
Style Flannel
Unit Count 1.0 Count
Number of Items 1
Item Weight 1 Grams

  • OVERHEATING PROTECTION - The heating blanket throw has , auto shuts off after 4 hours in case you forget, and also has overheating protection. There is no safety hazard, and it can safely warm you in the cold winter. Electric blanket throws are great gifts for birthdays or other holidays like Christmas, New Year's, etc.
  • COMFORTABLE - Made of Shu cotton fleece, the electric throw blanket won't be too smooth like flannel, causing it to fall to the floor, equipped with upgraded heating wires, covering more heating areas, the electric heating blanket has 6 quick heat settings (86°F-122°F ). With just one button, it can help you resist the cold weather and achieve a constant comfortable state quickly.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - The large throw blanket controller is removable. After disconnecting the controller from the electric blanket, wash lightly. Do not use the dryer to dry, needs to dry naturally. Do not insert until completely dry. Please read the instructions carefully before cleaning to avoid improper operation, which can avoid safety problems and prolong the service life of the electric blanket.
  • FLEXIBLE and MULTI-USE - The 110-inch long power cord makes the electric blanket flexible to use in larger rooms, it can be used on the bed, or on the sofa, it can be used in the study room, and office, and it is convenient. It can also be used as a normal blanket by removing the controller. The voltage of the heating blanket is 120V / 60Hz, and the power is 100W. Heated blanket throw electric can also be used on the RV. NOTE: It cannot be used on the RV with a square wave inverter.
  • EASY to USE - Use our LED display to control and find your perfect warmth with 6 different heating levels. The heat blanket throw uses longer heating wires, so the heating area is larger, the heat distribution is more even, and the electric blanket throw has a reinforced design, The heating wire is not easy to fall off. The controller has a display screen, which is very convenient to use, even the elderly can use it easily.

Luxuriously Soft Faux Fur Heated Blanket

The device have countdown function, When the device operates at any setting level, the blue numbers will be decreasing and displayed every hour (such as 4 -3 - 2 -1).

When it gets to last 15 minutes, the blue numbers will be decreasing and displayed every minute (such as 15 - 14 - 13 - 12 - 11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1).

Controller:Single controller
How many heat settings:6 heat settings
Timer:2-10 Hours

Package contains:1*electric blanket


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