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30 Pack Rounded Matte Black Door Hinges 3.5 Inch 5/8" Radius Interior

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  • Door hinges Black Matte 3.5 inch with 5/8 rounded corners and 6 holes for front door,cabinet,wooden box.Safe black door hinges 3.5" Includes 210 free screws for quick and easy installation.Mat black door hinges can be rotated 270 degrees.The extra long screws will come in handy specially when replacing existing hardware using the same hole pattern.
  • Security House door hinges 3.5 inch suitable for drawer,dresser,wardrobe. Shower,bathroom,bedroom,living room door hinges matte black 3.5.Smooth operating plain bearing hinge.Strong durable design make these interior door hinges a long lasting.These door hinges are made of high-quality iron, solid,thick. The Removable Riveted Pin also provides additional convenience.
  • Full Mortise black matte door hinges 3.5 inch security perfect for apartment, hotel, office, hospital, old school,dorm,dormitory,hostel,living quarters,company,kindergarten,nurser school,company,police office/station,shop,factory,class room,library,gym,gymnasium,fitness centre, palaestra,log cabin,blockhouse,frame house,restaurants,galley,kitchen,cook house,etc.
  • TDCHINGES Stronger, Hard,solid stable consolidus and durable 3.5 door hinges Matte Black suitable for college,university,schoolroom,classroom,stable,racecourse,natatorium.12 + 18 =30 Pack,6 +24 = 30 Packs You can buy matte black door knobs/heavy duty door lever lock/privacy door lever/interior door handles with hinges to decorate your doors.
  • The plain bearing hinges size is 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch Door Hinges, hinges for doors interior black.These hinges could be mounted on shed windows, shed hardware, shutters, skylights, vents, flower boxes, etc. for all kinds of outdoor buildings such as dog house,cowshed,byre,cattle/vegetables sheds,castle,playhouses,animal shelters and more.
  • Please see the picture:how to remove a hinge classic pin? Beat the nail with a hammer as shown to remove the pin.