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Common Power Tools

Common Power Tools
Power tools can perform a lot of work. Different tools have different uses. Generally, the power tools that are often used are divided into two types: hand-held and portable. Generally, hand-held ones are more convenient to use. Wei Power Tools Co., Ltd. will introduce to you several common types of power tools:

1. Metal cutting power tools, metal cutting power tools mainly include: electric drills, magnetic drills, electric reamers, electric knives, electric scissors, electric punching shears, electric reciprocating saws, electric pipe sawing machines, electric tapping machines , Electric profile cutting machine, electric oblique cutting machine, electric weld beveling machine, multi-function power tools.

2. Sand grinding power tools, sand grinding power tools include; vertical grinder, angle grinder, flexible shaft grinder, mold electric grinder, flat sander. Belt sander, . Straight Polishing Machine, Disc Polishing Machine

3. Assembly electric tools, assembly electric tools include: electric wrench, constant torque electric wrench, electric screwdriver, electric expansion machine, electric self-power screwdriver, electric pull gun

4. Power tools for construction roads and electric workers for construction roads include: concrete vibrators, electric hammers, hammer drills, impact electric drills, electric picks, electric floor polishing machines, electric stone cutting machines, willow bolt wrenches, wet grinding machines Lighting machine, electric steel plate cutting machine, electric wire threading machine, electric pipe bending machine, electric engineering drilling rig, electric scraping machine, electric brick wall milling machine.